Zippo lighter marlboro swiss - help on value estimation please?

Found 7th Apr 2012
Hi i have a Marlboro ZIPPO, G XIV which is part of the Limited Swiss Collection but i have no idea what its worth and cannot find any leads on google or ebay. If anybody has an idea on its value or where i can find out more info please let me know
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tree fiddy

tree fiddy

Beat me to it
this is what it looks like
teh arn

Beat me to it

hahaha thanks guys but its meant to be part of the limited edition or something..?
Only thing i can find is an ebay sale from 2007. Got to sign up to see the price though.
Yes these are the only links I could find too thanks for that. The one on worth point is the lighter I've got but i don't fancy paying to know the price lol
Probably worth 3 to 4 quid on ebay.
The stamp on the bottom means it was made in July 1998. The 'G; is for July and 'XIV' means 1998.
From the picture, condition is 'well-used'. To be collectible zippos have to either be in mint condition (unstruck, preferably with the orange sticker still on the back and, if supplied in a collectible box, still in the collectible box!) OR very, very, very rare. It's unlikely that _any_ Zippo made that recently would qualify as rare.

I'm not an expert, but I did collect these things for a while.
thanks to all of you for the advice
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