Zirtek/Zyrtec: Hayfever tablets (cetirizine dihydrochloride)

Found 20th Apr 2007
Anyone seen a cheap place to get these? Looking to stock up in bulk before the summer.

Dont mind the generics, not a fan of the glossy packaging anyway!
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cant the doctors prescribe you a summers worth? i just use piriton now when i get bad, nothing else works. and i have had it all. and piriton only works if i dont use it all the time. just on my worse days. damn pollen.
Normally get my citirizine from sainsbury's. Their own make, one a day, I think it was either £1.99 or £2.99 for 30 - much better than prescription prices, plus sometimes they do offers - also look out for Galpharm's citirizine, also quite cheap - think they normally do these in Savers.
However, if you do get through more than five prescription items over four months, look at getting a pre payment prescription cert - £35.85 or four months unlimited prescription
Galpham makes citirizine for Tesco & others and is exactly the same IP quality as in Zirtek but costs less than a pound. Now available @ Boots and Superdrug
try these

in bulk buy 10 packs with 30 tablets each pack £16.90 including postage, brought some last year from this site.
Try Homeopathy. If you know what you're allergic to, you can have a remedy made. Last week I inadvertently walked past a field of Oil Seed Rape in full flower (had been hiding round a corner;-) ) Two days later I couldn't speak, breathe etc, started on the Homeopathic Rem and by yesterday was clear, I should stay clear now, perhaps need to take a tablet or two in a few months, but at least there are no side effects etc as with Piriton etc. You'll get them from ]freemans.uk.com get the 30c, and take as needed - furst few days I took probably about half a dozen, then down to 3 a day.
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