Zone 0???? Shower Fan Extractor Wanted

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Found 9th Dec 2008
Hi Guys

I am looking to an extraction fan that will wire direct to the light switch for above a bath with shower. Not bothered about a light just the extractor and also need a "Y" piece to join to another in a different room. I am a bit confused looking at Screwfix as some say Axial,, In Line or Centrifugal, not sure which one I need. I want cheap but want it to work !! All help appreciated, thanks

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Pop into a local electical supply company like Newey and Eyre and ask for some advice,be warned all electrical instalations now have to be checked by a qualifed competent person
Have a look a this site it may help

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thanks will do - rep left

The main difference between axial or centrifugal is to do with where the fan is likely to be positioned. If there is a long bit of ducting it has to go through then you probably need a centrifugal one....…ans

Or, now that I don't have a job, I could come fit it coz I will be bored after Monday
Think you will also find that the "Zone's" are not really worried about any more, as you can have it protected by an "RCBO" although you should check this at an Electrical wholesalers (as previously mentioned) or ask someone who is in the trade, it is all part of the new 17th Edition regulations which came in to effect on the 1st of January of this year.



Get It FRom A Trade Counter...they Will Advise You Which One And CaN Take It Back If Wrong
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