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    CANNOT download the firewall using the 260kb download link from the zone alarm website. Anybody have a link where i can get it without having to connect like that.


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    thanks guys buts still the program that links to the zone alarm server that doesnt work.

    Try again when the server is not busy. ie in the morning when the US are still in bed

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    been trying for over 2 weeks, wouldn't ask unless i had to and kaspersky is just eating the resources up on startup.

    you could always download a version from newsgroups or torrents etc, you dont have to use the serial or crack just install it without

    DONT use Zonealarm, it used to be great but its terrible now, hackers target it meaning its one of the worst

    I have a full version of zonealarm and it does eat up resources too.
    It's not the firewall i have but a full on all singing version.
    You know when you boot up XP Pro? And the logo appears, with the scrolling thingy that goes left to right? I get to count to 12 before my password appears.
    Then, i enter my password and a full 2 minutes occurs before the system is then usable.

    I have a amd dual core 4200+, 160Gb sata hard drive (split 15Gb for windows, rest for logical)

    As well as zonealarm mind, i have spybot (with tea-timer) and adaware running. I don't mind the slowness of start up for the protection.

    Just realise zonealarm is slow too.
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