Is a legit website?

    Any feedback from people who have used them would be great.

    I placed an order about 5 days ago. I had two emails back confirming my order and both emails looked really odd. They stated if you would like to get in touch with us contact us onthe details below. No contact details were provided.

    I had another email today and it says that they wont be sending out my items until at least the end of next week due to the weather. The email was in both english and german! and didnt look very professional.

    Should i be worried?


    i have used memorybits and on there website it says there international partners are

    ave ordered from them a few times memory bits and not had any problems using discount codes and order always are in time and they keep you will informed, they list of when they email you and what part your order is at.

    and if you review your product after your purdchase you get 10% to use off next order if your review is published

    top site, never had any probs

    totally legit

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys. I just got a little worried with the discrepencies in their emails to me.

    I hate having to wait for things to arrive! Dont like having to wait until at least the end of next week

    Probably wouldnt have ordered the items if i knew i would have to wait this long.
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