Zoostorm PC... Opinions on 2 Towers

Found 7th Sep 2017
I want to replace my old Dell. I am now wanting a budget gaming pc
I had my eye on one but then found another which could or could not be a better buy.
They (I think are the same ) except one I3 and one I5 processor.
If they were the same ghz (whatever that means) suppose it would be obvious which one to choose.
Maybe better that someone could suggest at about £600 appreciated (not interested in building a PC)

Intel I3- 7100. 3.9ghz £615

Intel I5. 7400.3.0ghz £600
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The i5 beats the i3. I would only recommend an i3 for emulation and even then a lot of the g range are better bang for buck.
For me both desktops are horrible for a gaming pic, both don't have an ssd and both have a £125 graphics card when the total cost is £615-700. You really want to spend 30-50% of total budget on a graphics card. I would search for something with a 1060.
Ok Thanks. Had to make a quick decision . Purchased the last one (i5) at £599.... now gone up to £699
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