ZTE Axon 7 Mini Stock Camera Keeps Crashing, Currently On 7.1.1 B09, Anyone? :(

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Being so pleased with my Axon 7, I got my mum the Axon 7 Mini B2017G.

As I knew ZTE were on shaky ground, I got my update downloads from here forum.xda-developers.com/axo…933

Updated to 7.1.1, B09, stock Camera worked (took a few quick snaps), put it away to give to mum.

Now mum is officially using the phone - the stock Camera keeps crashing after a few seconds! I can't figure out why when it seemed stable before?

I had the bright idea of trying an B12 update from ZTE dot ru (mentioned on xda) which was a disaster, caused a reboot loop and made me do a factory reset.
*though reading that again, the post was edited and now urges you to download this one, d'oh 2994153.jpgStill the stock Camera crashes - even on factory settings.

Thought maybe I could try updating through those xda download links again - stock Camera still doesn't work.

I did wonder if the memory card was the culprit, but I've taken it out the SIM tray (the Camera is set to save to MicroSD card - unfortunately I can't change settings). Nope. Tried Force Stop, clearing Cache and Data for the Camera.

Any solutions? I know ZTE's woes mean that finding download links is even tougher - ZTE Germany still isn't back online, even if ZTE US (and their download links) is.

Thanks for reading.

PS: There's a B14 7.1.1 update from ZTE Germany, also mentioned on xda, but I can't get that to work either (probably being a bit too over-eager at this stage, anyway).
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Have you tried a different camera apk from the playstore.
RiverDragon89 m ago

Have you tried a different camera apk from the playstore.

Yes, I tried Camera Zoom FX and Camera FV-5 before I went to bed last night - the lens viewer comes on with both, which is an improvement, at least. Neither app crashes as the stock Camera does, but they freeze when I try to take a picture.

Camera FV-5 saves to Internal Memory by default, so don't think it's the memory card.

Maybe it's the update downloads from xda? But nobody else is complaining about camera issues, so that doesn't seem to be the culprit. I have read of people saying some update downloads can work but still be corrupt, but I'd imagine that doesn't happen often - and I have tried them twice now.
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Sooo, the ebay seller isn't responding to messages. I've had to open a dispute.

Managed to update to B13 via z-union eu (ZTE Europe forums). Stock Camera still crashes.

Weirdly, when trying to record a video clip (and being interrupted by noise numerous times) - showing all App Permissions are on, starting up the Camera, the screen staying black and then the app stopping...

..all of a sudden, the Camera decides to start working! I'm so astonished I stop what I'm doing and check it's saving to Gallery. Yep.

Haven't touched any settings. So, I reboot the phone, and then...the Camera bug is back! Dammit! This leads me to assume it's a hardware issue.
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