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ZTE Axon 7 stuck on Factory Test Mode (FTM) - URGENT help required

Posted 19th Jun 2021
Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone could please help me out.

Yesterday night, as I was drifting off to sleep, my phone shut itself off at 7% battery. I woke up a few hours later in the morning and plugged it in to charge as it said battery at zero percent and needs to be charged in. Usually, everything is okay at this stage.

However, what actually happened was it somehow turned itself on and went to the screen where you can factory reset the phone, clear cache/wipe partition/reboot etc but I don't know how it managed to do that.

I was not holding the volume up and power button. I simply just pressed and held on to the power button so I could charge it while it was plugged in.

NOTE: My phone recently started playing up whereby the volume button gets automatically triggered and the volume for ringer/notifications gets pushed to the max by itself. This happened along with a power button issue as well where I would need to literally smack my phone on my desk on the ringer/power button side to get it working again and stop causing the issue. In anger earlier, I smacked it on the side of my metal bed on the frame and now the volume up button seems to have permanently become indented.

Anyway, I have had a look at what the issue might be and people online on some threads suggest adb reboot. I'd have no clue where to start if this is what I need to do. Saw some videos on YouTube but problem is my phone is just frozen on the FTM mode screen and I can't do anything. Although, the navigation buttons are clearly working as I can press back, home and recent tab button on screen (obviously it's just highlighting in grey when I press on this screen).

Please, can someone help me out so I can get this issue resolved. Would be ever so grateful.

Thank you.
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