hello all
    i was looking for a several spirits and liqueurs at low prices but with little success so i thought i'd ask where some people might know

    i'm after the following

    a coffee based liqueur called marie something (not tia maria) (or any other you might recommend)
    a sambuca that isn't made by luxardo, and tastes much sweeter/nicer, forgot the name
    again, forgot the name, a taquila, that talks about cactus' a lot on it's bottle

    thanks for our help


    For the coffee one try Kahlua.

    I use the ]DrinkShop as they stock a wide range of alcohol and the prices are reasonable:

    (listed correct spelling so it's easier to search hun)

    Sambuca - wide range of flavours and labels
    Tequila - can't beat Jose Cuerva Gold
    Coffee liqueur - can't beat Toussaint

    Original Poster

    see i've had a better tequila, but i can't seem to find it. need to pay more attention to what i drink.

    drinkshop does do what you say it does. but it's not cheap enough for me, i may as well go to a supermarket.
    in fact drinkshop would charge me over £90 whereas tesco under £70, for the same products.

    get a cheap flight to poland, zubrowska is pretty cheap there (well, that's where it's from), i bought a couple of small bottles last time to get rid of zlotys

    Waitrose usually has some good offers on :thumbsup:
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