ZX Spectrum Next

Posted 9th Nov 2020
Back in August/September, there was a Kickstarter running for the 2nd issue of the ZX Spectrum Next. The previous campaign had been in 2017 and after a lot of delays, had finally been delivered to backers going into early 2020.
The 2nd campaign had an initial target of £250,000 over the 30 day period and this was smashed within 5 minutes of going live! Eventually achieving over £1.8M with 5000+ backers.
Anyway, for those that totally missed the second Kickstarter campaign, there is now the opportunity to purchase one via the SpecNext shop for a limited time.
Obviously this isn't for everyone but thought I'd post it here instead of as a deal as it's quite an investment for a computer that will be mostly appreciated by a certain age group growing up in the 80's!
I was fortunate to back this the second time round but thought I'd share this for anyone that missed it or weren't aware of it.

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