Zyxel support... Does it exist

Hey up all...

I've ahd a Zyxel P336M router for a couple of years now which I bought when I went onto VM for my broadband. Around the same time my laptop packed in and my main PC is connected directly so never really used it.

A few weeks ago I got the laptop fixed so decided to get set up for wireless, but the Zyxel seems to be faulty. When I turn the WiFi on at the back of the router all the lights come on as you'd expect, but they stay on. It may well be me being dopey but so far had no luck sorting it so I emailed Zyxel support. I got the "Ta for asking, we'll be in touch" email but not a sausage since.

I've tried a few times now but it's the same every time. I was wondering if anyone on here has had amy luck getting a response from them. They're still churning out new products so they can't have gone bust.

Fingers crossed someone can help!

Ta very much...


Just my 2 cents worth. I had a zyxel router going back 4 years ago. Tried to get help with it and they were as much help as a chocolate fireguard. Kept bluffing me off, and the tech guy that i eventually spoke to didnt have a clue (was in regards to streaming xbox).

After that i never went back

Admittedly I've never had to contact them, I have a few of their routers (connecting through two to get to this post) and both work flawlessly as did the SDSL routers I previously had.


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Ah... Not a very promising response. I'm feeling £60 is floating away down the lav.

You have my sympathy squelds!

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John... For the very short time I did use it I have to say it was ace. The easiest I've ever set up, belting range and seemingly secure.

A bit too secure now. Heheh!

Dont get me wrong it was a good router... just their tech support for the one instance i needed them sucked bigtime.

I use a Zyxel Router, I managed to get a quick response from their support service, it was a couple of years ago.

if you are using it with the virgin modem try switching that off and on before powering on the zyxel

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Thanks folks...

Maddog: Yes I am on VM and tried what you suggeted... No joy sadly.

Still no reply from Zyxel support. Looks like I might end up ebaying it for 10 bob!
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