Hi Iceblue,

The problem is that we no longer allow people to post their own stores or ones they have an interest in on the site. We did for a brief time but it creates such an opportunity for abuse that we decided to stop. Also leaving it open like that meant we would have to pick and choose which would create situations like this.

In the meantime we do allow a link in your sig which I see you've taken advantage of. I think that works well for both of us.

You are welcome to submit offers in the normal way and it will be reviewed. Quite honestly though we are hesitant to post offers from unknown companies as we don't want to mislead readers and when we don't know the background on a company that makes it difficult.

Regarding duckmagicuk2's posts I think that misconception was cleared up in that thread. Unless I've missed something...?

Yeas, my post wasn't for my own benefit. I don't own the company and I don't make any money from the sales through that link. Any sales money goes to keeping the HUKD site running by paying bandwidth, server costs, etc - because this site isn't free, Admin has to keep it going through his own expense, aided by the money made through HUKD links IF they are present. You will notice that some retailers however don't have thse links, like Argos and Tesco. That's because these companies have said they won't pay more money to HUKD unless we stop posting their codes/deals. We chose what we thought was best for you - keeping the deals!!

I'm sorry that my post there went off-topic, but I was just trying to explain how HUKD posts work. I'm not attaching my own name to anything.
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