Yeah, I saw that, although I was a bit disappointed that the article was on a voucher website that uses adverts and affiliate links not a more community based one. This week they have also looked at Mobile phone cashbacks, and the pitfalls if the retailer goes out of business.

Hopefully one day they'll do an article on cashback websites like Quidco, Rpoints, Ipoints etc etc. Maybe our honourable Admin should offer his services for the programme, or maybe a mod who won't get in trouble with their bosses for moding at work...

mmm well part of the reason HUKD isn't "featured" is because we don't do PR so it actually requires some intelligence to know about us A bit more underground as it were even though the site is quite bit now

Maybe the site will be on again when they do a feature on [SIZE="5"]"How to alienate users with too much change"[/SIZE]

Well, [url]www.hotukdeals.com[/url] is still the best because it does more than "discounts", it does "HOT DEALS".
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