It will be sent to your profile email automatically at the end of month (if you qualify). No minimum spend, it's a gift certificate.

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How can you afford to do this? Is it due in part to the Amazon Deals feature on this site?

It's a birthday gift to the members. Honestly it's coming out of my pocket here. The members of this site have made it what it is in the past year and really you all deserve it.

I'm hoping some of you who receive the voucher will help out the site and buy through an HUKD Amazon link or use the Amazon deal section but it's not an obligation, you can do with it as you choose.

Will I recieve a voucher as I had sent more than 100 posts before September but I did not actually send any in September so will I be sent a voucher?

Yes, you will receive a voucher when they are sent out. Please try and keep the Amazon Voucher stuff all in one thread though.

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