lmao thinkin the same thing myself mate! lol

I'll be tabulating the list and sending them out sometime this week. Hope that's ok

Sounds good to me, thanks.

Anyone received their gift-voucher yet?

Nope This weekend. Take a look at the Amazon Deal section to see why (hint: it's been radically revamped but not unveiled).

I love the new deal section

Can be a bit slow though.


I 2nd that .. the new Amazon section is brill! :thumbsup:


Yes Amazon section is excellent

The Amazon deals are great! Silly question perhaps, but to get those prices, I take it we order from HUKD? Asking as I added something to my basket just to see and it came up at the Amazon price, not the lower one - do the prices we see here get charged at a later stage? Do we still get the free postage if our order is over £19?

Sorry for all questions, but if someone could explain how it will work, I'd appreciate it, thanks in advance.

I added something to my basket which was on the list and it came up with the lower price - no problem.
I expect the £19 free delivery limit also applies.

(I haven't received my £5 voucher yet though or the promo gift from a few months ago :()

M223 - Everything is done through Amazon. The HUKD page is compiled from scraping the Amazon site and then analyzing the information. This information is sorted out by percentage off etc. The info is constantly updated but as it's quite huge amount of data it can be off sometimes..for example if Amazon changes the price today it might not be reflected until tomorrow so when you click through you will see the new Amazon price today. You are ordering straight from Amazon so the £19 limit and all that is the same.

davemichael - It's all coming don't worry I know I"m slow with these things sometimes but they always come in the end. £5 Amazon voucher was going to go out this weekend but the server here has been too slow so I'm going to wait until it's upgraded (Tuesday). The promo gifts finally came in from Amazon today so I'll repack them and have them to you by the end of the week at the latest.

Thanks Paul and Dave :-) I guess then that if it goes in my basket at the standard amazon price, I abandon the order until it shows up at the lower price. Could take a wee while to place the order, but what the heck.....

And no, Dave I didn't have my voucher, was just experimenting....

Oh dear, I should really waken up before I post! :oops: When I looked this morning, I was thinking the 'save' was the HUKD price!! Is there actually an extra discount if we order from Amazon through here, or did I get totally the wrong end of the stick?

Nope no extra discount at Amazon. The idea is that you can use the tool to find super discounted products at Amazon...there's no way to search for this on the Amazon site. The Amazon Deals page shows you everything* at Amazon that's discounted by 20% or more. When you click through you are led straight to the product at Amazon so you can buy it there.

As for the discount, well there will be a £5 Amazon voucher coming to you soon, but that's not really related to the Amazon deals section except that you can use it to find a very cheap item and use your £5 voucher to get for nought

*well nearly everything there's a lot of products to get through so not everything is listed at everytime..but nearly everything.

Thanks Paul :-) So there's no advantage to ordering via HUKD then? Same price whether we order via here or direct from Amazon? And if not, - next silly question - ....... why have the link?

Well no there's no difference. Maybe I haven't explained it clearly.

The Amazon Deals section is a tool. It searches and compiles a list of everything that is discounted by 20% or more. When you go to the page you can browse through items with big discounts to see if there's anything of interest. You can sort by discount/price/etc.

All of this you cannot do on Amazon. If you wanted you could use the tool here, find an item and then search for the item on Amazon. Obviously the link makes that process much easier by going straight to the item from here. Also HUKD makes money if people buy the item through the links.

So the point of the section is to be a tool for members to find the biggest discounts on Amazon, stumble across great deals and find hidden bargain gems

Ok, I get it. As I'm on a low income, I can't often just say 'oh, I'll have that' when I see something, rather I tend to know what I want, then go looking for the best price. But there IS a point for me in looking at Amazon via here now that you've explained farther - if I can get it via here, HUKD makes money, so I'm happy to do it that way to help HUKD as I've gained from HUKD, and had a few freebies plus I have a £5 Amazon voucher coming

When I've bought from Amazon in the past, I've bought books from the 'used and new' section - will they count too?

Thanks for the kind words M223 Really there's no obligation to buy through the links though!

I'm not sure if used and new section counts, I know Marketplace items do though.

As you say the tool isn't for everyone. I think its best use is for gifts where you can browse through an area you know they are interested in and then spot a couple of bargains It could be something they're interested in, they'll think it's worth more and you'll have paid less than that.

aha! I'm pretty sure the used and new ones come under marketplace, so hopefully I'll be able to help you even when I buy from there, it's often cheaper even with the extra postage ;-)

You can always use an HUKD amazon referral link anyway if you want to help Admin finance this site.

Or, you could use [url]www.quidco.com[/url] and you might make some money back.

That was what I was trying to say, duckmagic :-) In future when I want something from Amazon, I'll be coming here to do my ordering...... Like I said, I've gained through HUKD, so it's only fair to give help back.....

Hadn't heard of that other one, will go nosey...

Still waiting for a £5 amazon voucher for HotUKDeals from the promotion. When should I get it?

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Erm, any update on the voucher?

It's on it's way..... patience.. :wink:

I assume the voucher go to the registered e-mail address of the HUKDeals users account and not out via the royal mail or to the personal message pages here?

Yep. Email it is.

Did anyone actually get their Amazon voucher for the matchstick status last month?


Did anyone actually get their Amazon voucher for the matchstick status … Did anyone actually get their Amazon voucher for the matchstick status last month?

They haven't been sent out yet. They should be soon.

Sending them this morning (for anyone reading )

Are they still being sent this morning?! Are they? Are they?!

Just had an e-mail to click and validate my e-mail address so the voucher should hopefully follow soon
Didn't take me to what looked like a confirmation page though, just one with the HDUK logo, I assume that is correct?

It's right. It actually says that your email address has been confirmed and that your voucher has been sent, but you can't read the message because it is white on a white background. It'll probably get sorted soon.

Thanks duckmagicuk2, I moved the mouse over part of the screen and you are right, the message is there.

Fixed that. Sorry guys.

Now you have sent out the confirmation e-mail are the vouchers going to follow soon or will you wait for all the replies to come in?

I have to wait for the confirmations to come in. I'll probably do one batch tonight though as quite a few have come in already.

I know this sounds lame, but I got the email as well, and I don't think I'm entitled to the voucher. I've only been posting recently, although a member for longer. Won't claim what's not mine, but don't want that to hold up anyone elses claim.

gerikelly don't feel that way I know you've contributed already and I'm sure you have lots more to give the forums yet! It's a gift from HotUKDeals to celebrate our birthday so please do accept it

When you put it like that, how can I refuse? I accept with gratitude. Thank you, and well done for a terrific site.


I have to wait for the confirmations to come in. I'll probably do one … I have to wait for the confirmations to come in. I'll probably do one batch tonight though as quite a few have come in already.

How about a batch tonight?
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