HUKD is completely self-promotion free. It has been since its inception, and will continue to be so. Your link to this site constitutes a connection (website designer), so you are therefore not allowed to post deals for them. Emailing admin with the deal does not mean it will be posted here. It's only a way for companies to let admin know if they think they have a good deal, and it will only be posted if it is really a good deal.

P.S> - HUKD is not a place to "advertise" - it is a community forum.

Totally agree with emma - we wouldnt want your kind of "deal" ]downliner.

Original Poster

Thank you for the response Emma

I wasn't questioning why the site was setup this way. I was more curious about why it was done this way that's all. Also curious about why the admin didn't have the courtesy to acknowledge the email, personally I thought it was a good deal being offered by my client. A simple "No thanks" or "Not at this time" would have been a sufficient response

Hi downliner - all email that comes through Contact Us is reviewed. Your email was reviewed, we didn't feel it was suitable for the forum and didn't post it. You are welcome to submit future offers as you please through the form.
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