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Yes, this thread has been moderated. I've moved it to Feedback.

As advised, we moderate on what we see or what is reported. You have breached the Code of Conduct on may occasions and your comments, whilst they may be your own views, should not be used as the focus of attack on many members.

If other members feel that they have been subject to unfair comments, they are welcome to report in the usual manner for moderators to review.

It's not personal, however some members like yourself, seem to think this is an open forum where you can attack members and drift off topic. It would be much more productive if you were able to post your views in the relevant threads. Hijacking other threads won't be tolerated, nor will personal attacks on other members.

Meanwhile I suggest you review the Code of Conduct as I genuinely believe you cant possibly have read it. Review this link and in particular the Inappropriate Content section. If you're still having issues, please enquire further where we will try and assist.

This thread will now be locked. If you have any particular issues with a certain moderator, you should use the Contact Us option, where admin(s) will review.

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