i agree, least explaining the most asked questions, i.e reutation questions are often asked and there is no section on the site to explain to new users how it all works

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So, not much feedback then folks :-(
Ok, i take the hint

I agree with this.
Shame I'm just too lazy to contribute.

I fully agree, and was going to post a similar thread, you beat me to it.

After reading some posts yesterday, I too thought it would be a good idea for a help page, or at least a sticky thread detailing all this info.

Such as the filtering on the first page, as mentioned above (the number of times I have read people rquesting this feature, and it's already there)

Info on how tags work, a nice post by Admin cleared it up, but make the info easily available

Again, how reputation works, and how your voting power is worked out. Again admin answered this yesterday in a post, but put it all in one place.

Also, how to make deal posts, I had to find a post of Emma's and follow her link...

Info on how the deals are voted hot to get on front page, how do new commers to the site know how it works ?

That will do for now
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