Usually chat is on a particular topic which goes into the relevant thread.

I think duckmagicuk2 still has a little chatroom set up for members that would like to chat in real time.

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yea but its nice for people that wanna 'get to know' eachother, like in a friends way instead of pm' ing. just a thought:thinking:

I like the idea of this!

it would get *very* long!

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it would get *very* long!

would that be a problem?

might be to keep up with it if u wanted to follow it.....

I think dedicated chat rooms are better for this type of thing personally :santa:

duck has a ircd/channel setup?

It's a web based java chat room. Anyone can set one up but ducky has [or had it] in his signature.

Would be interesting to have a irc chat channel (sorry but I hate java based/yahoo chat room things)
Someone could easily set one up on a popular network like quakenet or similar I imagine.

It's a private room idea but it uses java. It's very simpe and only users given the URl can join in.

This is ][COLOR=blue]ParaChat[/COLOR]

Ooooooh can we have the link, would be nice

Oooooh, see you all there

ARGH, ducky popped in, and i missed him, sorry fella :-(
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