the search is pretty poor, here's a great deal, one of the best of the last month, if that helps: hotukdeals.com/ite…p-/

The Advanced Search lets you narrow down things a lot more, but you get out what you're willing to put in. Narrowing it by manufacturer would help, for instance.

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Thanks for link AugQX and for the search advice Bristoleal...is there no other way I can possibly search for more that one brand at a time, as Im not looking for a specific brand i would rather see them all.

...if people used tags...


...if people used tags...

True, although is there actually a way to directly search for tags (other that finding a thread that uses it or adding it to a thread)?


Sounds like a job for a Modabe to fill in the blanks! - assuming help is … Sounds like a job for a Modabe to fill in the blanks! - assuming help is the aim!Problem with tags (and I always use them) is many dont even know what they are for and their usefulness!Perhaps if the submit form explained it how it helps, would be a useful reminder.ie [COLOR=Blue]"Please use the tags to help the search engines.... eg, TV, ebuyer, LCD, HD, Samsung "[/COLOR]Hardly rocket science - and those that then ignore you can genuinely label them lazy!

Point is though tags don't help the search engine - they aren't in the search engine terms. Eg: Search for ']levis' and compare to the results for the tag ']levis'...

agree, advanced search is good but these big-ticket items should have their own category.
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