I think this would be a good idea also. I know if you click on "What happened to HUKD" it gives you a brief explanation onn how to use the site but a more comprehensive tutorial would be a great help for all.

I was also thinking about this subject ealier in respect of a "sticky" or whatever titled "Hot tips on using the new site" or similar.
Members could then add to it when they come across the good things about the new site as well as any short cuts etc etc.
For instance this morning I clicked on the members name in the temperature bar and found out it then links to all other deals posted by that member.

Anyway I'm sure you get my drift ?

Good idea - will do work on some more detailed help as well as linking to some member's posts who have made guides on making the site look like it used to.

wow - a site that needs a manual - useability study anyone?

Life is way to short to have to study a userguide for a website imho

The old site had a very big user guide and FAQ section as well as many threads started by members asking how to do things....

Just saying....

those guides where best practice guides imo but ur talking about a manual to somply use the site - apologies for the typos but only saw them when i dumbitted as the text was too small to read when i was replying -

and i need to check the manaul on how to edit and dont have time just now

the text is fine for me when replying...i use firefox

Sounds like a good idea, but if the site was not so complicated we would not need one.

Here is how I am viewing the site, not quite as I want it but better than comming here.


BritBrat, I know I mentioned the Customise area in another thread regarding your RSS, but you know those same settings will apply to your Custom tab too right? So once you've set them you will get that live feed in RSS but also you can click your Custom tab to see the same info right here.

I see what you mean, but read my other post I made a few minutes ago.

I wanted to view the discuused section but I can't seem to get that option.
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