Welcome to HotUKDeals!! :thumbsup:

I'm sure the Ad Scans will be back soon. Everyone's been very busy with the new site so I'm not sure if there are any plans yet... I'm sure Ray will pop along and let you know.

As for the new site, it takes a bit of getting used to. It is good though!! Before only mods could post on them front page but now members have an input too which is good!! We love to get the community involved - especially turning "readers" into "users"... I look forward to reading some deal posts from you soon!!
Welcome from me too noddy11 and Thanks for the feedback

The Ad Scans should be back as soon as possible. Sorry they're taking a while to sort out, as they're being applied to the site in a slightly different way.

Hope you get used to the new layout, it soon grows on you the more you use it. What do you miss from the old layout in particular?

I like the way the ad scans where on the front page easy to find, I also think that you must take a lot of time doing them rayman lol :lol:

Good job though :-)
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