whhen sapmming a thread they should bump the old thread for a reminder if it hasnt been posted for a while

What would it do?

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What would it do?


Create a "sticky thread" where these older but current posts could currently be retained / accessed easily. edi has previously agreed it would be of benefit for newer members where a post is old but still current.

Date related to tie in with the start / expires date of deals - whether it was posted today or 3 weeks ago as a 'heads up' it would be to the for ;-)

Be of benefit and help alleviate the dupes as it would also be a 'current' helpful reference for the (at times crap) search facilty to use. The titles and retailer would become more current even if the posting / thread has been lost in time :thumbsup:

Sorry - how would the tab function?

I'm not sure I get it to be honest. Right now if you view with the discussed tab you will see what is current (i.e. being posted on by members) regardless of thread start date.

Have to say - I don't get it either.

I am tired though!!



Have to say - I don't get it either.I am tired though!!

me neither. No idea what OP is after as very unclear.

So, you just want a list of all deals which are still active for a particular merchant? Surely that's just the "new" tab??
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