i don't think you would have any say in the matter if they decided to ban you!

you dont by any chance work for scan.co.uk do you

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I am not questioning bannnig in the first place all I am asking is that can they please send me some details, as advertised by them, so if Asus or anyone else wants to market they can as it is physically impossible to get any reply

And plus the second question being I thought this is a user website and just because I am related with the company because of so and so contact I dont see why I cannot be allowed to put a deal if I am puttign anything that I find with their competitors


As you have a direct link with both companies, you are not allowed to promote them.

Submitting a deal via contact us does not guarantee it will be added to Hotukdeals, we post up any great deals which are submitted, but due to the sheer volume of deals we receive we cannot always reply.

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Not really but I remember buying a Zyxel product from them very long time ago

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Hi Bravo thanks for the reply and that does clearify a part of the confusion, just to let you know I am NOT directly related to the companies additionally I am working for a company that is in competition with them lollzzzz

But last question, still unanswered, how can we pay HDUK to advertise some fo the products or does HDUK not take any ads ?

no adds


As already requested, please follow the correct channels, use the contact us form and we will deal with your query.
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