If it's a shop then I'm not sure. Usually we allow referal links in sigs only, yes. Businesses too, like mine.

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its not a shop, its a service as such, so perhaps i'll be ok then? i'll wait though for a difinitive answer! bet your intrigued now!

Not really. Referral links aren't allowed because they cause members to post out of self-interest rather than helping people out. It's not really to do with competition.

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awww :'(

fair enough, although the reason i wanted to (apart from possibly generating cash) was because i use the service and it is excellent, and a real bargain in my opinion.

But then you should post it anyway? if it is a real bargain and you have no self-interest...

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true its a bit of both eh. i'd post the link thing ive got but its a referral one you see, nm

Just post it so I can have a peep.
I'm intrigued as to what it is.

Why can't you post without the referral link nrps1? There's no site that *requires* a referral link to arrive at. Every site can be got to without a referral link.
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