looks like he has turned you over .... report him


phone him and ask for your money back

As above...

It's worth noting that Last Activity: 06-09-2008 13:24 so they haven't been around for a while - There is feedback on the same thread from someone who rec'd their game, you only other thing you can do is hope that they followed the FS/FT rules and have some contact details that they'd be willing to share with you...

markone :- If you've followed the rules before parting money, you should've his phone number. Give a ring to find out what happened

I have met the guy and he seemed genuine, perhaps theres a reason that there is a delayed delivery of the game. I might have his phone number kicking about..

I have dealt with quite a few frauds via ebay. generally, the police would expect some sort of attempt at contact to try and resolve the situation. When you get to the stage of believing you have been ripped off (not overly sure of scottish law here) then the police are duty bound to investigate. In england & wales it becomes a crime when you believe you have become a victim of crime.
We would like evidence of the purchase, payment and correpondance. Hopefully he has just gone away or there has been a problem with the post. As a police officer, I dont care about the amount, its the bare faced rip off I object to and I am more than happy to lock them up. each one Ive had has been hammered in court, and I have gotten the money back for each and every one
good luck and if I can help any let me know

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Hi ADZ1478,

Thanks for your post, I will take your advice and look into this some more.
I have been in touch with the post office and they have assured me that there have been some modification to the way they deliver, updating there systems. This, they have said would only have meant our post being delivered a little later than usual.

Lets hope there has been a problem and the item has been delayed longer than it should.
I will give it a few more days for the guy to get back in touch then drop you a line...


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Game arrived this afternoon.
A little worse for ware, as the game had come off the sprocket in the box.
Son says it works ok.

Over two week after posting.

As you can understand I was concerned at it's non arrival.
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