Your previous post was deleted as it was previously posted before.

Guess it depends what the deal was and whether or not it may have been a re-post. If a re-post, it's likely to have been deleted. However, your first deal is live and attracting heat (which is good).

You would get a PM (Private Message) rather than an email if a Mod deleted it but if users did you wouldn't get a message.


Hi Your Shopto deal for Nintendoland had already been posted here. You should have received a private message to let you know. (EDIT - you were sent a message at 20:30 today so check your inbox on here).

The only other deal I can see is this one here (which did well!).

Give me a shout if you've any other questions.
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Thank you for all your replies. I did do search before I posted but nothing came up to say it had already been posted. Guess it didn't work properly but at least it explains why mine isn't there. Thank you x

Great that your posting deals, you will however realise the search function is a lot like a chocolate teapot
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