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Personally I feel like if we're adding a link to a post where the site will benefit I am not going to ask members to do it for us So I guess the answer is, don't worry about it! I'd much rather you spent your extra time chatting in the forums, helping other members or even finding a deal


And most of the time in the hot deals forum, the links are added automatically when someone submits a deal. It's really only in the deal request forum where we might have the need to add in the follow-up links, but it's not such a big job Thanks for your concern though leepea!

I've just had a link I posted changed by Emma, I did not understand why until Ducky PM'd me and explained. :thumbsup:
I'm pretty cool about it, HDUK is one of the best forums I have posted on. Helpful MODS, great deals and 99.9% of posters are friendly. Only the odd scammer posts but they are pulled pretty fast. :grin:

Oooops, this sounds like an advert for HDUK :wink:

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OK, cool, I'll just post away then. Cheers guys :-D
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