The staff have their own generator. The site has implemented a redirecting thingy you see.

Just post it as normal and one of the staff will grab it and change the link.

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Ok fair enough, sounds like hard work being a mod on this site! Still can't complain! Thanks for the response.

Yup don't worry about it theurbanline. As we make money off the links I'd feel a little silly getting members to put them in for us. Does that make any sense? lol

Rpoints make the members do it. :lol:

And urbanline - it doesn't take long for us to change a link. Keep up the good work, you seem to be a keen deal finder. :thumbsup:

I think they have a form when someone makes a post so it's pretty easy, but for someone to go through a list looking for the link etc. is a bit of work.
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