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Does anyone else think this is a good idea?

Yep manny I think they should be added yes - not sure why they are not in there to be honest

Good idea

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Glorious leaders of HUKD's, do you know when this will be implemented?

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come on, I'm bursting here :oops:

Yeah it would be good..........

To be honest, I never look at the Amazon deals feature on the site, as I feel it's poorly designed but seeing that it doesn't include any of the next gen consoles, some of which has been around for nearly 2 years, it does make you think that Amazon doesn't care about it and the investment into sponsoring/affiliatation with the forum isn't a worthwhile investment for them.

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it is useful, specially because you can't do it on the amazons uk website.

please add these extra consoles, I'm sure this feature will truely shine when we start finding next gen bargains.
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