Have some consideration for your fellow fs/ft members please.

You're selling a car, but you know the score and should anticipate some of the more basic questions that would have been asked. It's not too difficult to second guess the most basic of questions that would require an answer before an offer would be submitted.

It was a poor listing, lacking in detail. Had it not been locked then it would only serve to invite further questions, demoting many members threads who have added sufficient information to their threads. I see you've added a little more detail. I'll keep the thread under review.

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Admittedly, the mileage was an oversight, but the question that locked it, the power, was a question i wasn't even aware of. I didn't know there were two powers for the same size engine. I'm not a mechanic.


nice self promoting :thumbsup:


Another requirement is for you to review the trading rules prior to your next listing.

Listing elsewhere is not permitted, You may wish to discuss with us later.

Thread closed.

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