I'm on there now. No glitches with logging in.

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Good There shouldn't be any problems as I've gone through it all but you never know what'll turn up.

You can stay on frater as it's the same database so everything will be the same whether you are on frater or www but frater will be much faster...well post here if it's faster for you!

First glitch: all of my posts marked themselves as read when I logged in. That sometimes used to happen with the old server though because of things like using a different browser. No biggie.

EDIT: It does seem a bit faster. Hopefully I'll be able to login now too.
EDIT2: OK, a LOT faster!

Logged in now and definitely appears to be faster. Can't say about posts, etc. to forum, as I logged out of the other server and straight in to the frater server.

Time will tell


It's working well. Very fast too!

Working well for me
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