I really cannot replicate this. :-(


Its too late on in the day

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if i could find where i posted it before im sure i explained which threads it was happening in, wondering if a new thread remains new for a certain amout of time, and its happening if i go from one that is new

edit, well it cant be that just tried it with a new post and it never happened

I 'thought' I had this problem, but it was because I was clicking my bookmark on my toolbar, which was set to new instead of discussed.

It happens with me, but only once every day or two.

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thank god for that, i was begining to think it was just me

Doesnt happen to me, always stays in discussed or new (whichever I am on at the time) when I change the forum

It just happened to me again.

I was in Deals "Discussed", posted a reply, then went to Advanced search, did a search, then when I went back to Deals I was in "Hot"

Definately does it for me when you do as thesaint has done above. Go to advanced, click deals then it's back to 'new' view...

Must be the search changing you to "New"?

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i dont really search so cant answer on that one, it just does it for me sometimes when i go into a post in discussed and then go straight to another board from that thread i end up in new
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