I think thats a great idea big_anth, I would use it!

This installation comes loaded with the following games:
• Tetris
• Snake
• Asteroids
• Space Invaders
• Chopper Challenge

....We need SHOPPER challenge !!

Space invaders & Asteroids, my favourites when i was a tad younger!

Tetris!! :thumbsup: Let's do it.

Death to Tetris - The music still gives me nightmares!

ASteroids -now that I could handle - anyone else remember the >50 variations you had on the atari console cartridge?
Now there was a console to rival the xbox for reliability :-P


No PacMan?? Snake'll do I guess!!

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there is an adon for pacman...the site i know who has this has pacman on !!! plus loadddddss more that yous have mentioned !

nice to see people are keen

4 in a row??

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4 in a row??

nope dint think so... lol
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