It's possible it would be here or mse or the like. Do people fall for it, yeah definitely but there's not much we can do from this end other than reporting the auction (if you see one report it). And some google-fu would lead them to the info yup but do you think the same person who knew how to use google properly would also pay for info on eBay

By the way check out Kommunist's thread for a site that lists all sorts of information that people sell on eBay.

This site it right at the top of the 'sponsored links' on the right hand side of the google page when you search for "Discount Codes".

It could be for any site like this though... there's a lot of them. MSE, HUKD and Rpoints are just a start - there's lots of smaller sites too. He's possibly promoting his own site.

Yeah... And there is 5858378147 (not related to HUKD but still amazing). The seller got 100% feedback and what he is selling - PDF User Manuals for Blaupunkt stuff... Crikey - go to [url]www.blaupunkt.co.uk[/url] and download it for free... why anyone would pay for link to it - is beyond me.

Sadly not everyone has instant internet or computer knowledge. They prey on the people who are most vulnerable. Who are these greedy eBayer's is more to the point. When I look at those types of auction/sale, I feel like posting anti-auctions before anyone else gets scammed.

I was assuming that everyone who is intelligent enough to go to eBay (it is also on Internet isn't it? :)) should be intelligent enough to find manufacturer's website? In most cases it is just typing www..co.uk (or .com if there is no UK website).

It is also very difficult to classify as scam as he is only selling information - link to website where PDF is. If he was selling PDF itself, then it is copyright violation, etc.
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