I noticed this happened with the HMV thread yesterday too. When I set the expiry to a day earlier, it automatically marked as expired. Keep your eye on it, as it might be right itself when some of the other problems are corrected hopefully.

On that note Rayman, with expiry being the word

would it not be a good idea for past offers and deals to expire and be deleted from your system freeing up space?

Like maybe a 6 month wait then it automatiaclly deletes old posts for space ?

I don't think space is a problem. If there are posts on a server, they're just in storage and it's useful to sometimes look through older threads.

[SIZE=2]As far as I know it's only the data being accessed and activity on the server being overloaded which can make things play up. Or software that isn't operating correctly, because of maybe a small error in it's coding.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]But I'm no expert on this subject[/SIZE]

ah well, i think im thinking too much lol

I'll check if the auto-expire script is not working for some reason.
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