OK, nice idea, but how would you work it?
Using your example,
2GB Micro SD card on sale for £4.00 by xyz company. It is a class 123 card and is manufactured by abc company.
It was on sale for £4.00 3 months ago when I checked but I can't be bothered to see if it is still at that price now.

Can you see how hard this would be to get working.

This site can't get the search function to work properly.
It can't get the for sale section to stop merging the first two words together
It can't get the temperature box from going doolally when you add / subtract heat from a deal.
It seems to make changes that no-one wants for whatever reason I don't know. ( Like changing the way peoples profiles were viewed. )
It's a good job this isn't a subscription site.

So, at the end of the day, I don't think anyone will be rushing to implement your wish.
But, hey ho, it could just happen.

Original Poster

Well I guess when people enter deals the system would detect if the details of the deal match to the items on the list (list of items in the best price section) and ask the user to confirm it should be entered on the best price list and once it has reached a certain amount of heat it would go on the list.

Also it should probably be online only deals.

Sorry if it's hard to understand - it's difficult explaining things on the internet.
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