Massive thanks to these people and to everyone who contributes posts to … Massive thanks to these people and to everyone who contributes posts to this site in helping us all save a few quid!!!!!!

Now that's what it's all about.
(A jewel in the rough given the other thread that's been getting a lot of anttention today)
I'm really glad to hear you've had such a positive experience with us Jerichologan. :thumbsup:

Jerichologan's brought a smile to my face today Thanks for your lovely post!

Glad to hear it Jerichologan....just wish I had that much to spend so I could save as much as you have!!! LOL

So do i, i wish i could get rid of my massive backed 27" tv and replace it with a 40" flat one.

xmas is coming tho lol

thanks from me also for making this the best site ever :thumbsup:

well done to everyone who makes this site what it is

I'm also going to say thank you.
Have only been coming onto the site for a short while but through your tips and codes have managed to save some money on train tickets and also a cyberman helmet for my son for Xmas. I will keep on looking and maybe one day will be able to post my own deal.

Thanks shopaholic and Welcome to HotUKDeals

With an ID like yours, I'm sure you'll find some deals of your own to share soon ;-)

Welcome here shopaholic! :friends:

Hope hukd is on your Christmas card list

hello and welcome shopaholic .It is nice to reply on a post like this as it reminds me of why i joined which was to contribute and thank people that have saved me money .which like x10 said is what it is all about .
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