At last...

...A "I don't like Bitter Wallet" thread.

It is not yet easily removed, as HUKD has not got around to making it customisable, but you can use >>>]THIS
I just don't read it, and haven't been on it for months, the only things I read from "BW" are by members of HUKD who continually say they don't like it, but are never off the site and copy & paste articles onto HUKD. :prop:

"Nowt as queer as folk".

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Drat - like i say this site is superb (saved me £££!) however as per above i just don't get it and would far more see more "top 10" hot (deal/discussed/type etc)...

Oh well.............



At last......A "I don't like Bitter Wallet" thread."Nowt as queer as … At last......A "I don't like Bitter Wallet" thread."Nowt as queer as folk".

it's a love hate thing

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why has this been expired and spammed?


why has this been expired and spammed?

It has been "Expired" because your question has been answered.

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Mods - ok so my question has been answered hence "expired" - but im a litle confused over "spam" the help pages state:

The spam button

You can click the spam button on any post you feel is actual spam, referrals, 3rd party affiliate links, eBay auctions, Amazon marketplace deals, a dodgy site, or a duplicate post. If you feel it is any of these, it would be great if you could also use the report button (see below) to immediately notify a moderator.

A quick post in the thread saying something like: “post reported because of xxxx reason, please do not bump”, is also a good idea. If it is a duplicate post, please don’t be nasty to the poster, being civil costs nothing, so a quick, “sorry, but you have posted a duplicate, please see here”… and include link.

I've been on this site for a while and thought as per above - help anyone?


help anyone?

Your thread hasn't been "Spammed"

]Spam and Expired
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