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In the following thread the member that listed the deal, ainsleyb, quoted a hyperlink to a product page at Game.co.uk but the merchant used for the listing became Game Connection (gameconnection.co.uk) during the extraction of the correct merchant from the link.

Yakuza 4 PS3 Standard edition £24.99, steelbook £29.99 @ GAME

See comments from comment #7 onwards.



Link has been fixed now.

It appears merchant was selected as gameconnection rather than game.co.uk.
I guess this alters the redirection link...

Also, if no merchant is listed, it will select the first one in the list, which is gameconnection.


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Link has been fixed now.It appears merchant was selected as … Link has been fixed now.It appears merchant was selected as gameconnection rather than game.co.uk.I guess this alters the redirection link...TTFN,bbuk


That may have been what happened but if that was the case I would suggest a prompt is displayed to ask the member to re-check the details if an inconsistency has been spotted rather than assuming one of the pieces of mismatched data is correct.

This aside, in the deal listing comments I quoted above I asked if the Merchant had specifically been selected, or if a link was provided to the product page.

It was confirmed that just the link was provided; i.e. no merchant selection.

When I listed a deal eleven days ago I noticed I could not select a Merchant but could only specify the link to the online product:

[ hotukdeals.com/fee…759 ]

(This feedback thread has still not acknowledged, by the way)



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Related issue?

The Sun deals



It is now.

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It is now.

Shall I 'bump' all the "Feedback" threads from the last six months?

If any bugs are being particularly bothersome to you, that we have not yet acknowledged, I'm sure nobody would mind a few extra bumps. I usually try to find/queue all the bugs I can in the feedback forum, but I'm sure I've overlooked some. Thanks.

bug that annoys me is where my posts appear invisible when mentioning recent activity being broken.
must have done it 5 times or so now with it never acknowledged.
right now i have 2 threads from 6 and 7 weeks ago (both my own threads) which have no new activity i can see and certainly no relevant activity.
from the number of times i moan here you can imagine that those posts/threads are not recent by any means and threads more relevant to me are bumped off this list.
links to threads:
have had even older ones in the past

on a separate note - a list of bugs which are being worked on would be a good idea so you can at least tell people you know about it and are doing something or have fixed.

Enhancements to the recent activity feature are actively being worked on.

(mip blip beep) This bug is being worked on by a developer.

(whirrrr meep meep) The fix for this bug is out - it should be corrected now.
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