I expired my own deal yesterday and have just viewed another one expired … I expired my own deal yesterday and have just viewed another one expired by the OP but they aren't showing as expired to me

Thanks for your query Blasphemous.

Due to the number of threads being expired in error recently, it now actually takes 2/3 members to expire a thread, but if you do want a thread expired straight away you can report it via the report link with the reason for expiry and then one of the online MOD can expire it immediately for you.

Not sure if ANY deals are showing as expired to me actually!?!?

I've had a quick scan of the deals forum and there are not many expired deals currently, but two recent random ones are :


If you want to check that their status is displaying correctly for you, thanks again
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Is this going to be a permanent change? If it is going to be permanent then I think we should bring back the thread we had in feedback where we could ask other members to expire......

If the mods create a thread in feedback then everytime we spot a thread needing expiring it could be posted in there and other members could expire.....
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Ah ha! I see.

Yep those two are displaying fine.

Thank you for that sigma. All good again.

EDIT: You can expire this if you want sigma. Thanks again.
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I queried being unable to expire a deal earlier and have just received the following response:

"Hi there,

Due to members maliciously expiring deals, we've tweaked the settings
slightly so it now takes more than one member to expire a deal.

This applies to everyone, we hope you can understand why we've taken
this step.

Hotukdeals Administration"

I welcome this move. I've also posted a new thread with this change in the heading to make it more obvious to other forum users.
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I see the new thread I created has been marked as 'spam' by someone and deleted. I was only trying to be helpful to others but never mind.
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