Its been reported numerous times. I think even BFN has got fed up of … Its been reported numerous times. I think even BFN has got fed up of reporting stuff now. Poor show really. But at least we have a facebook button to view an RSS feed.

I stopped posting issues & trying to be helpful in responding to issues already logged when I was blamed for trying to defend the abuse against me (yet again) & asked to report abusive comments.

That suggestion addresses the fallout from such comments, but not the problem.

The decision to close the (second) thread of "Bugs/Glitches" was also an odd decision in my opinion. Retaining all the issues collated in one thread seemed to make sense. Now it is difficult to keep track of every issue raised, & the same issue can be raised multiple times.

When the first, & then the second main threads existed, I was aware of every issue logged & what action was connected to which problem(s). What would need to be re-checked when a site update went live & what was the most common issue. Workarounds were easier to find & solutions to issues were posted in a central location.

As you said, I've just given up now. I offered to help with resolutions/reporting & testing in the first week or so & my attempts to do so were attacked from certain members (one in particular). It came to a head when a negative comment was posted about my character & one of the members of the administration/moderation team laughed with the perpetrator & continued without moderating the comment.

I sent an e-mail to 'Admin' & via the 'Contact Us' form (twice) on the above matters & my communication was not even acknowledged.

Now when I find an issue, either a reoccurrence of an old problem, or a new problem, I just ignore it.

(I'll expect the 'usual suspect(s)' to comment negatively below)



Just ignore them fp, there are way too many people with massive ego's here. If you can help the dev teams with the problems then it makes a better site for all concerned.

Whether the dev team actually take on the task of tackling the bugs is a different problem though...
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