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In the two images below you can see that the last time somebody posted a comment in the "How To Post and Host Images For Thread Submissions, Comments & Replies" Feedback thread was "7 minutes ago".

However, the last comment in the thread was actually 3 days ago.




Is this the same as in this thread?
bug timing errors

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Is this the same as in this thread?bug timing errors

Possibly, & yes, it was my first thought also, but I did not receive an e-mail notification from the associated thread to indicate a comment had been made (then subsequently deleted, as suggested by aSB in the previous Feedback thread you mentioned).

We should be able to confirm if this is the case once further investigations have been undertaken.

I am presuming in your position as "helper" you cannot see the comments removed by others.




chesso has correctly identified the reason for the display timestamp and linked to the relevant thread where they had queried it previously.

aSb has already clarified the reason for this display glitch so I'll lock this duplicate thread up now and you can use the link chesso posted to continue the discussion if required fanpages, thank you

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