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Below are two screen images of the Forum Summary of the "Misc" Forum (text only view) within the "old skin" & the current skin taken at 18:19 (UK time) today,

You can see that there is "white" space around each of the thread titles as if the row height of the table rows are (now) too tall for the content, or the row spacing element has been changed.

The images are taken in Mozilla Firefox (for Windows) 13.0.1, but the same issue is present within Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421.

A "hard" refresh of each browser did not clear the problem.



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Also see: "Mods Attention" ("Misc" thread)

Indeed. One of the threads on that page is breaking the layout. We're looking into a fix now.


Also see: "Mods Attention" ("Misc" thread)

Marked as spam - Really useful that


Also..... When you reply to a quote that has lines that go below the bottom of the box, the cursor doesn't stay put... So each time you type a character., it scrolls back up to the top of the text box and you can't see what you are typing. That's been happening on and off for weeks. Definitely the case in an iPad, but also in Firefox and chrome.
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