Agree with Sassie here, another problem in FS forum is too many threads turning into dutch auctions - starting with a high price then repeatedly lowering slightly so as to avoid the bumps rule. Can a rule be added to limit the number of price drops allowed? (I guess one or two is fine but when its happens 4+ times its not really on...)

And while we're at it, please change the line in the FS rules that says:
" Editing of original posts could cause your thread to be closed or deleted, at the discretion of Admin or Moderators."
Its daft and defeats the point, deleting the OP in the FS forum should be a bannable offence.

I'd really consider a complete rewrite of the FS rules and CoC (merge together) ASAP...

I'd like to see that if you state a Item is For Trade you should also put a price.

People seem to be using this as a "see what I can get without commiting" standpoint

Original Poster Banned

not as a trade, no price is needed, it seems whatever rules are in place people will get round them, this was mentioned some time ago by myself that people will just put trade so no price needed and then wait for offers

whooops that was in response to jah128, but they have deleted

Lol whoops, I did a stealth delete but obviously not stealthy enough, sorry sassie!

There's been alot of sellers posting bump then deleting their posts lately, they think we're all daft
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