Maybe there's a reason it's on page 2 and no-one has responded? If everyone bumped it everytime it got to page 2 there would be a never ending series of bumps as everyone kept getting bumped down.

not everyone see's them though...if i put something on tonight...and lots of others do aswell and posts are answered mine gets bumped down and people tomorrow who may be interested wont see it......i agree that it should be either 1 a day or when on 2nd page....i think we know when we should give up......after a week or so with no response it can be closed.......

You've got two bumps. Make use of them. With your first post that's 3 times on the first page. If no-one cares on any of those times then maybe that's an indication it is not priced right or no-one wants it.

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wow someone agree's with me lol thanks tazzy and if you had to post a list off items it should be fair to bump it up more times than just one single item. or if you edit (change the price) off the item it should be fair everyone can see that you changed it.

ok :thumbsup:

The thing is, it costs nowt to sell, buy or scam on here and it's getting more 'popular' every day, as word gets around. What can you do, have a bump fight. :giggle: :giggle:

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lol i suppose it will get more and more filled up and that but i was just thinking out load really

No one said you couldn't alert of a price chance. It's "bump" and "Anyone interested?".

If you are putting the price down then feel free to state it in the thread.

There's nothing wrong with posting a FS item at a peak time, then waiting a couple of days for another peak time before making your first bump. People will probably ask questions anyway.

The same people persistantly ignore the bump rule with no punishment so it's a moot point anyway. :-(

Ban the rule breakers and leave the forum for people who can do things by the book i say.

:oops: an I ask please what is a 'Bump':?


:oops: an I ask please what is a 'Bump':?

When you put a reply in one of your threads, in order to bring it to the top of the forum.

Bring Up My Post

...usually a pointless reply like "Anyone interested?" or "Still available!" and often a double post i might add.
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