you are the seller.

They are the buyer.

you should have just said in the original thread that it was still for sale, now your probably going to have to get this thread locked by a mod as well as the original and wait a full 7 days before reselling.

If the buyer has accepted an offer in the thread and not followed through then you should report that to a Mod. Then in the same thread, edit your listing to state the the item is still available. If you post a new reply stating this then it will be counted a bump.

If you want to list the item again on a fresh listing then you need to report your own thread to the Mod to be locked and wait the 7 days before re-listing.

Original Poster

Thanks for all the replies, how would I contact a mod?



You would normally report the thread in question by clicking on the http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/images/custom_buttons/report.gif icon to the left hand side of each post.

I'll review the original thread and respond in there.


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