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QED pending...

Report the thread in question and ask for a response.

If you don't get one it generally means its a crap idea.

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I did that with one of my posts and I'm afraid to say, I never got a reply. Using the formula 'if p then q'

p ergo q.



We do review Feedback, it's an important channel that aims to serve members and admins.

Off the top of my head, I think I answered your call re increasing the number of times a post can be spammed/reported.

Your other topic that I think you may be referring to is valid (colour of hyperlinks) but will probably be addressed by the development team.

If it's not, I'll bring it to their attention and get back to you.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

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Cheers for the reply ASB. Thanks also for the replying to my 'Spam/ Report' thread. The thread I'd like a response to (in addition to the hyperlink colour thread you mentioned) is


I don't want to burden the Mod team with more work than is necessary and I'm sure if I was a Mod then I'd understand what the workload actually is.

p.s. QED negated!

it seems like you should be on the mod team!!

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it seems like you should be on the mod team!!

I agree
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