Just click exclude expired in your toolbar when you search through

If you're filtering by merchant, use advanced search so you can still opt out of viewing expired deals


As Syzable mentions below, the discussion and ongoing debate in expired deals (take misprices as a prime example) means it's important for them to stay on the boards for those members who want to view them

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No, as they often have relevant discussions in will be the answer.

Just turn on don't show expired and job done.

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Yay! Thank you

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Ya know, I tried this, and it does not work for me. It still shows me all the expired ones. It's def turned on as the optoion on tools is to include expired if I click it. Both ways its the same

MissBehave if you mean deals that are no longer valid but actually havent been expired as such, then they are currently in the process of being expired, but as for ones that have actually expired, they should not show up if you select the "exclude expired" button
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