Thanks for your query aunty jane.

Managing your threads.

It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that they lock threads … It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that they lock threads and ensure 7 full days have elapsed from the last post should they decide to relist. Threads can be self managed via HUKD’s dedicated trading site at fo.lk Members can log in using their current HUKD username and password. All posts are replicated between both sites.

Just for reference if you do decide to lock one of your sales / trade threads then you shouldn't offer those items for a full 7 days in any thread (starting from the date of the last post, not when the thread was locked). But if a member were to post a wanted thread and you wanted to unlock a sales listing (if it was within the 7 days) you could use the report link and request it to be reopened (as long as it wasn't closed for a rule breach) and members do this sometimes currently.

The same rules apply, so if all your bumps were used etc you couldn't post an additional bump, but we do have a trade forum for the benefit of our members and will actively help them trade their items within the forum rules if at all possible. Hope that helps clarify further

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Good question, aunty jane.

I read the quote from the rules differently as it does not make explicit reference to responding to "Wanted" threads; just the "relist" (of, what I presumed, would be another "For Sale/Trade" listing).

Thanks for the clarification, sigma


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